What is web hosting?

Probably you would like to know what web hosting really is. The term of web hosting is actually a service, which is provided by a company who owns servers in a secure environment, called datacenter. Purchasing a hosting plan at a hosting firm, you will get space on a server where you can upload your files of your website. Hosing is not all about uploading files to a remote computer that is running 24×7, but also hosting your business email, database, managing domains, etc.

How to start with a website?

Creating a website nowadays has become a very easy task, not only for developers but also for non-technical users. There are so many tools available that will help you to create your website or blog in no time. There are few different ways how you can create a website: you can choose to hard code it using coding language, you can use site builder tools (this is best for newbies) or you can install a script like WordPress, that will allow you to upload your content via an administration panel. The files of your website will be stored on the server where you are having your hosting account, and will be available to the public on the address (domain) you purchased. For more information about domain names, please read our other article.

What is a server and a data center?

A server is not else but a computer, not a usual one, but a high performance computer, that was designed to run all the time. These super computers known as servers are placed in a secure environment called data center. A data center can be a big building, a room, a bunker where the physical security of the servers is not compromised. These places usually have a higher level of fire protection, are connected to high speed internet, are backed up with power supplies and are guarded very well. This way can the hosting company provide good uptime and security for client’s websites?

OK! But how can I get my own server?

Doing a search on Google, you will notice that there are thousands of hosting providers that offers different type of hosting services at different prices. Many companies are trying to scam their customers and won’t provide the service that is promised. The worst case is when you sing up for a 5 years contract and you get very bad service or nothing in return. To avoid these type of bad experience, we highly recommend checking out our top list of hosting companies and read customer reviews before you purchase any service.

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